2018 season in the Polish OCR – sum up!

The end of this year’s OCR season is a good time for a sum up. The general reflection is that, undoubtedly, this sport discipline became a visible and important phenomenon on the map of Polish sports. The number of participants, as well as the number of organized events leaves no doubt – Poland is more and more into OCR!

From the participants’ point of view, they should rejoice at the fact that popular, until recently, association of the OCR runs with mud runs goes down in history. Of course, this association did not come out of nowhere. It was easier and cheaper for the organizers to create such runs, especially when the discipline was still crawling. Fortunately, this situation has changed and now Polish fans and athletes taking part in the OCR can choose from races varying in terms of difficulty, distance or location.

There are 125 registered organizers of the obstacle course races in Poland and 161 official teams. What is more, there are 42 strongest training teams and 22 OCR organizers affiliated in the Polish OCR ranks. Among them the most popular are: Barbarian Race & Runmageddon. Over 78 000 participants are classified in the overall OCR ranking.

During this year, two new projects have been implemented – OCR Polish Championship and the 1st season of the Polish OCR League & Polish Cup. The OCR popularity is being confirmed by the number of participants. Nearly 1000 participants took part in the Polish Cup (individual competitions). In the league (team competitions) there were 21 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams. All league runs were executed as elite runs.

Below you can find a brief overview of Polish OCR teams & runs.


The biggest obstacle course run in Poland, the winner of the title: The Biggest Obstacle Run 2017 in the OCR POLSKA 2017 ranking. Qualifying race for the European Championships in the elite wave and age categories.

Organized on 4 distances – Intro (3km, 15 obstacles), Rekrut (6km, 30 obstacles), Classic (12km, 7 obstacles), Hardcore (21km, 70 obstacles), Ultra (42km, 140 obstacles) in 16 editions in 2018 (16 weekends with Runmageddon were organized in Poland). The season ended with the final of the Runmageddon League.


One of the most difficult and most technical obstacle course races in Poland, winner of the title: The Best Obstacle Course Run of 2017 in the OCR POLSKA 2017 Ranking. Qualifying race for the European Championships in the elite wave and age categories. Organized on three distances – Rebellion (6km, 20 obstacles), Fury (13km, 30 obstacles), and Arrow (300m, 8 obstacles) in 5 editions in 2018. During one of the editions – Wisła – they co-organized, together with the OCR POLAND, Polish OCR Championships on the Ski Jump.


The most diversified obstacle course run in Poland. It is the only obstacle race in Poland organized in the following formula: 2x5km laps for the Elite and from one to five 3km laps for the Open Series. Each lap has 45 obstacles. Qualifying race for the European Championships in the elite wave and age categories. Biegun is organized in 3 editions: “Błotna Masakra”, “Ruchome Piaski” and “Siwy Dym”. Every race is organized by the sea, in Gdynia.


One of the most popular and much-loved obstacle courses runs in Poland. Qualifying race for the European Championships in the elite wave and age categories. The Adrenaline Rush is organized on two distances of 5 & 10 km in 3 editions – spring “Awakening Nature”, summer “End of Spring” and autumn “Gold Autumn”. All of the races take place in the same area, with the use of both technical and terrain obstacles.


A new obstacle course run on the map of OCR in Poland. It is characterized by a big variety of obstacles and few extremely difficult Combos. From December 2018, a qualifying run for the European Championships. Runway is organized on the 7 km distance with 35 obstacles. 3 editions in 2018 took place. The run is mainly focused on the use of combo obstacles which are very complexed and technically interesting.


In 2018 the Hero Run was organized on two distances: 4km run with 20 obstacles and 8 km run with 30 obstacles. One run was organized on the stadium and the other during the night (night version).


It is organized on the following distances: 10 & 12 km with 30 obstacles and 7 km with around 30 obstacles. In 2018 there were two editions of Destroyer Race. The Organizer decided to introduce the Beginner Formula – 5 km run for the beginners.


Raptor Run takes place on the following distances: 6 km with 25 obstacles and 12 km with 65 obstacles. It is organized on the terrains of a tourist complex. In 2018 only one edition of this race took place.


It is a run organized on 3 distances: Race Starter (3 km with 15 obstacles), Warrior (6 km with 30 obstacles), Machine (12 km with 50 obstacles) and Animal (24 km with around 100 obstacles). In 2018, two editions of the race took place.


The most demanding and difficult obstacle-terrain course run of a military type held once a year in Gdynia. Organized on 3 distances: Komandos Rekrut (7km), Sprint (11km) and Hard (21 km), where participants are in full uniforms, in helmets and with a dummy rifle. An interesting version of the run is the Team Run (21 km) where 4-people teams in full uniforms overcome the obstacles wearing a dummy of 25 kg mortar.

When it comes to new obstacle runs on the Polish OCR map, it is definitely worth paying attention to the Bullet Run. An interesting idea that can go either towards a typical military run or towards a completely new formula that combines a lifestyle, typical for Runmageddon, military elements, for example from selections to special forces and other obstacles.

Stay tuned for more!

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