A guide to the Polish OCR teams – part 1.

Adrenaline, competition and overcoming your weaknesses, but also great fun and cooperation – that’s how you can describe the 4thedition of the OCREC2019 which will be held on the 27-30 of June in Gdynia, Poland!

Over the last few years, we have seen how the interest in OCR (obstacle course races) is gaining popularity. OCR’s popularity is also evidenced by the statistics from previous championships. In 2016 representatives from 23 countries were present at the OCR European Championships in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. A year later, also in the Netherlands, but this time in


, 27 countries have participated. Last year’s Esbjerg Championships in Denmark have registered as many as 32 countries! The number of competitors taking part in this event is also impressive. In 2016 there were about 600 competitors and in 2018 more than 3000. During the 4th edition in Poland, we are expecting around 4000 competitors from all over Europe. Additionally, during the last day of the Championships (on Sunday), an OPEN & KIDS runs will be organized in which everyone will be able to start!

The number of competitors and teams is increasing every year, and the discipline itself is becoming more and more professional. See our short guide to the Polish OCR teams – part 1.


Dirty Sparrows

At the end of the 2018 season, the Dirty Sparrows have finished two years of their activities, although their obstacle tradition dates back to 2014. This is what they say about themselves: “The beginnings were modest and timid, and the development was calm but meticulous. In the season 2019 Dirty Sparrows are going to fly with wide-spread wings and show their sharpened – over the years – claws! They do not intend to give their bands away! Of course, “everything is for birds” – in our herd there are people looking for the bottom in the mud, posing on the route to photos or overcoming the obstacles in an extremely equilibristic manner. After all, Dirty Sparrows are primarily a symbolic combination of leaving the comfort zone and holding together like in a large bird family!”


Power Training 

Power Training is a team which not only trains together but also supports and motivates each other and enjoys each other’s’ successes. This is what they say about themselves: “We like remarkable sports’ competitions, which is why we take part in the extreme obstacle courses. We have different characters, but common goals. We want to be faster, stronger, more efficient, but most of all we want to have fun when it comes to sport, and we are happy when we share litres of sweat during the training. In our ranks, there are both the best Polish OCR players and beginners in this discipline.”

Meet the Power Training champions:

  • Małgorzata Daszkiewicz – one of the fastest and most versatile Polish OCR athletes. She is fast, strong & incredibly ambitious. Małgorzata is a multiple medalist of both Polish and foreign OCR competitions, both in the Age Group and Elite series. The best athlete of 2017 in the OCR Poland ranking.
  • Maciej Sukiennik – an excellent mountain runner, an experienced OCR athlete, a great trainer. The first Pole who has won the Elite series of foreign Spartan Race competitions. Always professional and focused on the goal.


BeFit24 Team

BeFit24 Team consists of a dozen of daredevils and mud enthusiasts from Krakow and the surrounding area, who for four years now is present – with considerable successes – on the European OCR arena.

Their first performance as a team happened in June 2013 in the city of Moninec in the Czech Republic during the Spartan Race. This experience helped them to understand that the muddy world is their world;) Since then, under the guidance of coach Łukasz Wańczyk, they are preparing for next races. As they say: “The harder, the better”. We are a team of athletes, but above all, we are friends. We constantly support each other in overcoming obstacles, both in sports and in private life. “

Soon we will introduce to you other Teams!

Photos by: The Dirty Sparrows, BeFit24 Team & Power Training

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