A short guide to OCREC2019 runs!

The OCR 2019 European Championships are approaching!
It’s time to take a closer look at the individual runs during the championships. We hope that our short guide will be helpful.

As part of this year’s European Championships the following runs (categories) will take place:

Today we would like to present you with Journeyman and the Open Race.


You have not qualified for the main race at a short or standard distance? All is not lost yet – you can still run in the Journeyman category and compete on the terms of runs that require qualifications!

Journeyman is a run that takes place on the two following distances:

  • Short Course (5 km run with 40 obstacles)
  • Standard Course (15 km run with 60 obstacles)

It takes place on the same days as the main runs, i.e. June 27th – Short Course and June 28th – Standard Course. The start in the Journeyman category, at a given distance, is governed by the same rules and principles as the start in the run that requires qualifications.

These rules include:

  • The armband system and the requirement to overcome obstacles by yourself
  • What’s important, the competitor has an unlimited number of attempts to overcome the obstacle, and in the event of resigning from defeating it, he loses his armband
  • Competitors without armbands can and should still participate in the competition, however, their results are classified outside the competitors who reach the finish line with their armbands.


Open Race is a proposition for anyone who would like to try their hand at the OCR. The Open series will start on the last day of the OCR European Championships, i.e. on Sunday.

The Open Race will be a big dose of sport’s fun with a thrill of excitement on masterful obstacles. In the Open series it is allowed to help each other while overcoming the obstacles and if a person is not able to overcome it he/she may execute additional tasks/exercises. Every participant of the run receives a commemorative medal at the finish line. If you like obstacle courses, feel the taste of the European Champions’ route. We anticipate the participation of special guests who will compete with you in the Open series. #staytuned!

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See you on June 27-30, 2019 in Gdynia!
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