How many people can start in the wave?

  • The waves will be divided into smaller groups of 30 people starting every few minutes within the framework of the starting hours listed in the main schedule.

How will I know in which group from my wave I will start?

  • A day before the Championships we will publish the list online and in the Competition’s Office.

How will it look in reality?

  • Example: You are 19 years old; you take part in the Short Course, your starting wave is Age Group 18-24 at 13.00 pm and there are 90 signed up people in this wave. The wave will be divided into 3 groups, with starts at: 13:00, 13:04, 13:08. In a detailed schedule your starting number will be assigned to one of these waves. You must show up before the Start ZONE exactly on time. If you’re late you will have to start in the last wave from your age category. We will be calling out the participants by their starting numbers. Your number will be placed on a paper wristband which you will receive together with your starting package.

What is the time limit for particular distances?

  • 2,5h for Short Course
  • 5h for Standard Course
  • 3h for Team Relay

What time is the route closed?

  • All routes will be closed at 18.30. After that time access to the obstacles is stopped. Participants who are still on the route will be directed towards the finish line.

How many times can I approach the obstacle and try to overcome it?

  • You can approach the obstacle multiple times. The only limit you must obey is the time limit. If you exceed the given time you will lose your wristband.

Can I repeat overcoming the obstacle on every track?

  • You can repeat overcoming the obstacle on every track except the FAST LINE track, unless the judge says different.

How many FAST LINE tracks will there be?

  • On the 4-tracks obstacles, there will be 2 FAST LINE tracks
  • On the 6-tracks obstacles, there will be 3 FAST LINE tracks
  • On the 8-tracks obstacles, there will be 4 FAST LINE tracks

Will there be water points?

  • On the Short distance, there will be 2 water points
  • On the Standard distance, there will be 5 water points
  • On the TEAM RELAY distance, there will be 4 water points.

Can I take the water with me on the route?

  • YES

Will there be nutrition points?

  • No, there will be only water on the routes.

Where can I throw away the litter/garbage at the routes?

  • Garbage can be disposed only in the dedicated areas near the obstacles. Each area will be marked with a sign: You can throw your garbage here! You risk a disqualification when littering on the route.

Can I run in boots with spikes?

  • NO

Can I go outside the route during the run?

  • NO. When leaving the route during the race you risk disqualification.

Can I take water from other participants or fans?

  • YES

Can I skip an obstacle?

  • According to the Rulebook, when skipping an obstacle, you will lose your wristband.

What happens when I lose my wristband?

  • You will be qualified in the “NO WRISTBAND” category.

Can I continue my run after losing the wristband?

  • YES, you can continue your run within the limits of your time.

Will there be water obstacles at the Championships?

  • NO

Will there be mud on the route?

  • NO





When can I pick up my starting package?

  • For each course a day before or on the day of the run.

What document do I need in order to pick up my starting package?

  • You must have an ID with a photo.

Do I need to bring with me a signed declaration?

  • No, you can sign the declaration at the venue. And you won’t have to do the burpees 🙂 However, if you would like to help us, print the declaration and bring it with you to the Competition’s Office.

Can I pick up the starting package for someone else?

  • No, you can’t do that. In order to pick up another person’s starting package, you would need a letter of authority.

Can I pick up my starting package on the day of my run?

  • Yes, but you will be doing it at your own risk. You might not make it on the start on time.

I’m under 18. Can I pick up my starting package by myself?

  • No, you must come with your parent who will sign the declaration for you. You may possibly come with an officially confirmed document signed also by your parents.

Where can I find the declaration form?

  • Here:



Should I sign to the age group on the basis of my birth date or my actual age at the day of the competition?

  • On the basis of your actual age at the day of competition.

Where is the Competition’s Office?

  • The Competition’s Office is in the Gdynia Arena Hall, opposite the Stadium. It is marked with the letter A on the map.

Where is the deposit?

  • The deposit is in the Gdynia Arena Hall, opposite the Stadium. It is marked with the letter B on the map.

Are there showers at the venue?

  • Yes, the showers are at the Stadium, marked with the letter H on the map.

Where are the toilets?

  • The toilets are at the Stadium venue, marked with the letter C on the map. You can find them also in the Stadium’s building, next to the showers and in the Competition’s Office.

Can I buy food during the Championships?

  • YES. The Food Zone will be located at the Stadium, marked with letter G on the map.

Will there be parking next to the Stadium?

  • YES. The free parking is located behind the Gdynia Arena Hall, next to the obstacles marked on the map from 28 to 31.

Can I arrive at the venue with public transport?

  • YES. You can find all necessary information on the: www.ocrec2019.com

Can the fans enter the Stadium?

  • YES. We have lots of places for the fans at the stands. Also, you can watch the competition from the main pitch.




Can I sign up for the Ninja Tack at the venue?

  • YES

At what time will the starts in Ninja Track take place?

  • The Ninja Track waves will start every hour.

How will I know at what time my start is at the Ninja Track?

  • The assignment for the Ninja Track will be set and announced in the Competition’s Office.

How many times can I start in the Ninja Track with a multiticket?

  • 3 times during the whole event.

At what time does the Ninja Track take place?

  • On Thursday the waves start every hour. During an hour around 20–25 couples start.





How and when will the Opening Ceremony take place?

  • The Opening Ceremony will be held 
on Thursday at 10.00 am. It will last around 2h and during the ceremony, the national teams will enter the Stadium with their nation’s flags (alike the Olympics).





Does the medal ceremony take place every day?

  • NO. The medal ceremony will take place on Saturday at 17:00 pm. During the ceremony, prizes & medals will be awarded for all distances and categories.

Do I have to be at the ceremony if I was in the top three?

  • NO. You can designate a person who will come instead of you at the podium. Remember to report this person in the Competition’s Office beforehand.

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