A guide to the Polish OCR teams – part 2

Adrenaline, competition and overcoming your weaknesses, but also great fun and cooperation – that’s how you can describe the 4thedition of the OCREC2019 which will be held on the 27-30 of June in Gdynia, Poland! See our short guide to the Polish OCR teams.


Koniuchy is a group of people who share a common passion, determination and perseverance in pursuing their goals. They train, run, motivate and celebrate their achievements together! They have existed for  3 years and  are one of the smallest in number  OCR teams in Poland, but it’s not quantity that matters here! They reach higher, further, and they grow in strength – three of them defeated 24h Worlds Toughest Mudder as first Poles ever!

This is what they say about themselves: “Our team consists of players from all over Poland, at different ages, of various temperaments and ambitions but with horse health, ambitions and an open mind! With a Horse on the chest and in orange coulors we start in obstacle races across the country. We have our top representatives of the national and European ELITE OCR. Obstacle beginners also run with us. There are sprint enthusiasts, mountain runners and classic strength OCR athletes among us. We have individual and team achievements on our account.  Koniuchy are also focused on their younger generation! Between races we are simply a harmonious company of obstacles freaks!


xRunners are a team in which players compete with each other in the rules of sport in Runmageddon-like obstacle runs. xRunners are currently the strongest sport club in Poland. In 2017 they won 4 runs in Barbarian Race series (the most technical and demanding race in Poland), 5 runs in Spartan Race series (the fastest runs) and 4 Runmageddons together with the Runmageddon league Final (unofficial OCR runs championships).

In their ranks we can find medalists of the World and European Championships. The xRunners club is one of the most recognizable in the world of obstacle runs, has its structures in the country and constantly builds new ones. He runs his own open trainings preparing for participation in the races.


We are creating a new history of Hussars …

We create a story about a sport’s team fighting for the top steps of the podium in the obstacle course races. We associate both elite athletes as well as people just starting their adventure with this kind of activity. We conduct trainings which are preparing our athletes for an increased physical effort during the OCR competitions. We have our branches in various Polish cities.

Husaria Race Team is so much more than just a joint start in the races. People who work on the Hussaria’s success are a great support and motivation for each other.

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