Runmageddon Global

Runmageddon is the organizer of OCR events in Poland. In 2018 their running events associated 70 thousand people in Poland! But they aim high. Hence, the Runmageddon Global! Read about their history and passion for the OCR!

Runmageddon Global history.

About a year ago we’ve decided to take up another challenge and spread Runmageddon vibes on other continents. That is where Runmageddon Global was brought to life. From a wish through a plan and hard work we finally managed to organise our first abroad event on the Sahara Desert and it was just a beginning. After the success in Morocco we did what we’ve promised – we didn’t stop. In October we conquered Georgia with first edition of Runmageddon Kaukaz.

Each of the Global events took place on other continent and in various beautiful places. Such challenge was a real adventure of a lifetime for the Participants. 5 days of travel, 3 days of ferocious, trail race with or without obstacles. During these events Runmageddonians could choose between 4 formulas. Depending on their choice they covered over 50 or 100 km during the 3 days, which means even 30 km per day.

In the very first global event – Runmageddon Sahara – we created a piece of amazing history with 42 of the bravest ones which decided to become Runmageddon Global Pioneers. The power of their achievements in Morocco, which were widely shared via social media and other digital sources, was so big and so inspiring that later in October on Runmageddon Kaukaz we met the amazing group of 64 Participants.

Runmageddon Global is a kind of challenge, adventure and a real chance – chance to experience something different, to create unforgettable memories but most of all – to meet incredible people and make friendships that last forever. We are very proud that in 2018 we’ve managed to introduce Runmageddon to people among almost all the continents and invite Participants from all over Europe. Who knows what the 2019 editions will bring?

Remember that Runmageddon runs qualify for the OCREC2019. For more info check  –> How to qualify?

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