Tracks are all set to welcome you for the long sprints to the finish line. Slide into a pair of running shoes to perspire as you sprint down the hill to overcome the challenges and obstacles on the course. If you have run over slopes, climbed walls, run long distances, and are good enough at these, this is the right opportunity for you to explore more of your physical abilities. Obstacle course racing has become one of the most popular sporting events hosted for the common people.

Even inexperienced athletes can register for the race. Electrocuted barbed wires and pools of water await you on the course to further push you into beaming fires. All these elements combine to form obstacle course racing, which is hosted in several parts of the world every year. You need to outrun your opponents on the course to test your strength and endurance for bigger accomplishments on the way. If you are new to the world of OCR, here is a short guide on the working of the racing event.

Beginner’s Guide to Obstacle Course Racing

Origin of Obstacle Course Racing

A boom has occurred in the sport over the past ten years. One of the most popular events hosted for OCR is the annual championship in Europe. The one in the continent was only established in 2016, while the original version was launched in 1987. The toughest race in the group was the UK-based Tough Guy Race. It isn’t just the terrain or distance that makes a race difficult to win. When the spaces are enclosed, the slopes are too high, and thousands of athletes are running races, the course becomes harder to complete. Multiple races have been created over the years by adding several gimmicks and rules to the game.

Popular Obstacle Races

Every participant needs a wide range of skills to climb the monkey bars and throw spears. Mastering the art of competition and endurance in this race could be time-consuming, meaning if you are in it legitimately for the prize, you might need to train regularly. The most popular obstacle races that are worth trying are:

  • Spartan Race
  • Tough Mudder
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Conquer Challenge PH

Deciding whether you want to run the course or not is a juncture you must get stuck at. Racing could be sightly intimidating to those who haven’t tried it yet. Completing the obstacle course racing is not easy; you will need to start putting your body under more pressure. Working your way up is the correct method to tackle the challenges in this race. If you love spending time outdoors and are ready to train specifically for OCR, you need to enable your body to overcome the obstacles on the course.

How to Prepare Yourself for the First OCR

Running this race demands a lot of your time and effort, starting a few months prior to the event. You need to get started by:

  • Running regularly
  • Practicing crawling
  • Doing pull-ups and push-ups

When you are all set for the OCR the next day, make sure to:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep
  • Not skip meals
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine