One industry that keeps amazing its users with vast promotional campaigns is the iGaming industry. Newer and better technologies have opened the gates for tens and tens of new online casinos to establish their business, offering a state-of-the-art game selection and great technological advancements. To survive in the middle of heavy competition in the iGaming industry, online casinos have to be clever and that’s why they offer better and better promotions to newly registered players.

If you’re looking for some gambling thrill, you might stumble upon such promotions but before you eagerly use casino bonuses, make sure you’re aware of the following three key aspects.

The size of the actual bonus

Often, you’ll find bonuses that offer a certain amount of money based on the percentage of your deposit. For example, many casinos offer 100% bonus cash up to 100 euros.

While it sounds tempting, a bonus like that doesn’t mean you’ll get 100 euros after depositing 10 euros. The casino will essentially double your deposit, so you’ll only get that tempting 100 euros after making a 100 euro deposit yourself.

Another key term to look out for is the minimum required deposit. Some casinos impose limits on the minimum sum that must be deposited if you’d like to receive the bonus.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are undoubtedly the most troublesome restrictions you’ll ever encounter. These terms dictate how much you have to wager in the casino before you can use the bonus as real money.

However, wagering requirements can be quite complicated and they differ in almost every casino. Usually, you have to wager about 20-40x of your deposit and the received bonus, sometimes you’ll only have to wager the bonus. In any case, read the casino’s terms and conditions to find out the exact details.

Withdrawing the money

As mentioned, wagering requirements dictate when your bonus will be free for withdrawing. Keep in mind that some casinos don’t allow you to withdraw your own deposited funds before you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirement.

Though it might seem harsh, these rules are in place to protect the integrity of the casino. In the end, you’re still receiving free money, so make sure to read the rules carefully – that’s how you’ll get to enjoy a nice casino bonus and fun entertaining time at your chosen gambling hub.