Sports betting is one of the few gambling types that requires massive knowledge, practice, research, and analysis. Compared to slots or table games, sports betting is on a completely another level. Though everyone can easily make casual bets and just hope to win, it takes strategy and skill to establish a profitable betting action long-term.

Poland has had legal sports betting market for quite some time now, and Polish people are enjoying placing bets on sports events. Unfortunately none of the “bukmacherskie” offer online casino games. For that you have to search for “kasyna” – online casino, that is. To make things even more confusing, some of the foreign online casinos also offer sports betting. However, choosing the right bookmaker is only one part of the puzzle of becoming better gambler.

If you’d like to take your bets further and stop being just a Sunday bettor, here are some quick tips you should be equipped with.

1. Make a proper budget

Budgeting is where it all begins but it’s probably the last thing in your mind when you’d just like to get a piece of the betting action. Before you rush into placing your bets, you should determine your gambling budget, unless you want to end up with debts or financial issues. This is no joke – only bet the money you could afford to lose and never try to cover your losses. Once your budget has run out, it’s time to quit betting.

2. Bet on what you know

You probably have a favorite sport you religiously follow. If so, put your main focus on that sport. Sports betting is so vast, quick-paced, and insane that it’s just way too hard for beginners to bet on sports they aren’t familiar with. Instead of jumping into unknown waters, dip your toes into a friendly pool. If soccer tickles your senses, then soccer is the one to focus on.

3. Analyze players

Even if you know your chosen field well, you can’t know everything. Use online statistics and resources to analyze matches, players, and situations better, so you could understand your odds better. Smart sports bettors always research the background of teams and players – they never make random bets, even if bookies place tempting odds on certain outcomes.

4. Live-betting is the king

If you’d like to make more accurate bets, you should opt for real-time betting, also known as live betting. This newer niche involves placing bets while the match is still going. Instead of making your prediction prematch, you can follow the game and thus, you’re obviously going to make far more accurate bets. Even if the odds might be a little lower, you still stand a better chance at walking away with a great win.

5. Spread your bets well

This is something that needs to get highlighted more. In addition to playing with a strict budget, you should never put all your eggs into one basket. Even if you’re completely sure in your bet, always bet just a few percentages of your total budget. This way, your budget will get you more opportunities and you’ll simply last longer.